Blizzard of 2011

Lets first start off by saying I didn't think it was so bad... but that may have been because I was home bound with my two awesome little girls and my cool wife! My original plan was to grab Grace (my 2 1/2 yr old) and  a Sno-Tube and head for the hills but with the nearest one being much more than walking distance away in snow drifts that could easily swallow a toddler whole without my knowledge we decided it best to stay in the yard. At least that way I would know where I could find her when the snow melted : ) Looking at these images now makes me wonder what kind of overprotective parent I must look like as Grace is sporting my bright yellow ski goggles but honestly, it was her call. From the moment she laid eyes on them it was game on. So, 18" of powder, a few snow balls, and a whole bunch of 'snow-castles' (as she called them) and this so-called "blizzard" of 2011 seemed a bit mild at best. Is that all ya got mother nature?


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