Family Pictures With Santa

Made it out with the kids for a little Santa picture action the other day and although they wouldn't stop chattin' about Santa this and Santa that, ya just never know what's gonna happen. Oddly enough the baby of the bunch didn't make a peep. And thankfully nobody screamed. I always picture that scene in 'A Christmas Story' where Ralphie's brother breaks down. Nope... none of that. 

There was waving and talk of what was to come... and then it came. It was their turn and Emma froze as solid as a child laying in bed on Christmas evening listening quietly for hoofs on the rooftop with Santa's sleigh. I nudged, she pushed back. Luckily no melt down. Just a motionless child playing dead and hoping this strange old man wouldn't notice she was there. I'll settle for that.

Grace, the oldest, on the other hand was full of insight... imagine that : )  She even mentioned a few new ideas that I truly hope Santa is on top of... hint, hint, hint : ) 

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Hope Santa treats you well! Merry Christmas!


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