Rockford IL Wedding And Reception At Prairie Street Brewhouse

Upon meeting Angela and Steven for the first time I could definitely tell this was going to be a fun filled day. Not just for them but myself included. These two were up for anything to produce some great shots and even after a morning full of rain and wind causing shots at Edward's Apple Orchard in Caledonia IL to be called off we watched the clouds break and the sun peak through: an open invitation. Although it was a tad soggy Angela and Steven were all about it... as was I. Now, I like to ask how and where couples meet, not just to develop some great images that really reflect the bride and groom but also because this is their story and I'm telling it for them. When they answered "Edwards Apple Orchard" my mind went a million directions. Just think, their story, their life, it all started right there. After some fun at the orchard we rolled out to meet the rest of the gang who were ready for a good time and anxiously awaiting at the reception which was held at Prairie Street Brewhouse in Rockford IL. The Prairie Street Brewhouse is quite a unique place in it's own and especially cool as a wedding venue. From the vintage surroundings of rustic brick and timbers to the Rock River just outside the back-door and the beautifully decorated interior lit by with Japanese lanterns strung throughout the arched steel beams the Prairie Street Brewhouse has tons of potential. Special thanks go out to Shawn who worked with us one-on-one the entire night to make the things run smoothly and really going the extra mile. I think the resulting images speak for themselves. Thanks to everyone for making Angela and Steven's special day just that much more special!

wedding program and pearls

bride's wedding gown hanging in church

bride's shoes and pearls

getting ready shot-lacing the wedding dress

holding hands

bride and groom rockford

wedding portraits caledonia il

bride holding wedding dress while walking with groom in apple orchard

groom and bride portrait with bride behind

bride and groom portrait

bridal portrait in pumpkin patch

bride and groom portrait in pumpkin patch Rockford Caledonia

wedding party groomsman with bride

brides maids at Rockford Prairie Street Brewhouse

bride and groom on staircase

bride and groom first dance backlit

Rockford Wedding - slideshow of wedding album
View the wedding album slideshow for this Autumn Wedding in Rockford IL!


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