Evolution of Dad

A while ago I was approached by Dana Glazer, a film maker putting together a documentary film about fathers and stay home dads. He came upon a photo I produced to portray the way I saw the stay home dad/parent taking on the duties of the household and children... or maybe that is just my way of doing it. A little exaggerated maybe but my little pal got a kick out of it as she struggled to steal the dish towel from my clutches. This image was used in the opening sequence of The Evolution Of Dad. The documentary interviews several different people and covers several different aspects and points of view of the entire SAHD (Stay At Home Dad) scenario... some of which caught me a little off guard. It doesn't just focus on the SAHD, but dads in general and the importance of their role not only in the family and household but also in a child's life. It's worth checking out and the short preview doesn't really do it justice. And I'm not just saying that just because I am privileged to be a SAHD with my 'muse' Grace! Check it out.

Disclaimer: my kitchen doesn't always look like that : )


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