Gearhead News June/July Shoots

So this past month offered a couple of shoots for the Gearhead News, both of which featured some nice cars. It seems as though both of these shoots were family projects, which is always a cool thing. The Cardias own several cars, one of which was a clean bright red '66 Chevelle. Being a '66 I thought it would look nice set in front of Joliet's 'Rich and Creamy' ice-cream stand with it's Rt 66 sign flying high. Unfortunately, the Blues Bro's statue has been removed but ya can't win 'em all I suppose.

Gearhead girl and former "Loop Rock Girl" Kelly Marie was also on hand to liven things up. I still say that all the passing cars that continued to honk were for myself but Kelly debated that issue.

The other shoot for this issue of Gearhead News featured a '29 Ford Coupe built and owned by Jeff Stam. One really cool thing about this cruiser is that it too is a family car. It all began with Jeff's grandfather who purchased the car in the '50's and years later the coupe was restored to original condition. Jeff's father told me how his father (Jeff's grandfather) would be turning over in his grave if he new of it's current 'rod' status. Upon my hearing that this ride was slammed to the ground and coined the name "Goldigger" due to it's glimmering paint job I instantly pictured the slick ride nestled among the bright yellow dandelions and puff balls we all hate so much. Well, I figured I'd put those weeds to good use this time. If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em!


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