Gearhead News Dec/Jan project

9 Second Camaro

Well, after much shooting and writing the winter edition of Gearhead News is out on stands. With this shot of mine adorning the front and featuring Rick Bottom's 2010 Camaro destined to see 1000hp and 9 second timeslips this was yet again another exciting project. Quite different from the issue prior but equally as entertaining. The story alone was intriguing as the car was attained for a single dollar and built for promotional purposes as well as experimention and just debuted at the SEMA convention in Vegas where it ranked in the top ten modified production vehicles. Vendors sponsor the car by throwing their products at it to get their name in place and assist in the build. The 1000 horsepower package is courtesy of Modern Muscle out of Aurora Illinois which was a key player in tuning the beast as well. On top of a cool ride, it was a cool group of people involved.

9 Second Camaro

9 Second Camaro


Another cool group, er, couple of people were the owner of this custom cruiser and his girlfriend. Brian Zelenka built this car after acquiring it from a pal who had to abandon the project. Bummer for him, but awesome for Brian. The finished product turned out beautifully and is truly road worthy by utilizing several 'at hand' items. Keeping the K.I.S.S. method at the heart of this build got Brian into this slick ride and on the road in less than 18 months and at a minimal blow to his pocket book, all while making this custom reliable and affordable. How cool is that? So just remember to Keep It Simple Stupid!


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